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Indian Economy Tuition Classes in Chandigarh by Mantram

Chandigarh is an education hub with many prestigious colleges and universities. Students from across North India come here to pursue higher education. Subjects like economics and commerce are popular among students. However, these subjects also require proper guidance and mentoring to help students understand the concepts thoroughly. This is where specialized tuition classes can benefit students in subjects like the Indian economy.

Mantram is a leading coaching institute in Chandigarh that offers customized Indian economy tuition for students of +1, +2, BA, and BCom. The curriculum is designed to provide in-depth knowledge on critical topics of the Indian economy and help students score well in exams.

Topics Covered in Indian Economy Tuition at Mantram:

  • Basic concepts of the Indian economy – economic systems, sectors of the economy, economic policies, etc.
  • Understanding national income – GDP, GNP, NDP, per capita income, etc.
  • Issues in agriculture – importance, challenges, reforms, etc.
  • Industry and infrastructure – evolution, issues, the public and private sector role.
  • Money and banking – RBI, commercial banks, functions, reforms, monetary policy, etc.
  • Budget and fiscal policy – taxation, public finance, deficits, reforms, etc.
  • Foreign trade – composition, balance of payments, exchange rate, reforms, etc.
  • Economic Planning and Five-year Plans of India
  • Current challenges – poverty, unemployment, development, etc.

Mantram Economy Tuition Classes has experienced faculty with in-depth knowledge of the Indian economy. Regular tests and doubt-solving sessions are conducted. The institute provides comprehensive study material and notes to aid learning. Batch sizes are kept small for personalized attention.

With high-quality Indian economy tuition, Mantram helps +1, +2, BA and BCom students understand the subject thoroughly and score well in exams. To learn more, visit the institute at Sector 34, Chandigarh, or call 9463049859.

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